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Becoming An Alpha's Mate (BAAM) - editing

Becoming An Alpha's Mate (BAAM) - editing

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broken-pixie By broken-pixie Completed

Holly has been forced to move across the country to a town she never heard of. Unknown to her, Evanswood is over-run by werewolves. As she adjusts to the strange town, her parents tell her something she may not be so willing to do. Finding out that her family has a secret and a certain gorgeous guy has his eyes set on her, she comes to learn that you just can't hid who you are, no matter how hard you try. 

Throw in that one of the wolf girls is insanly jealous, and wants a certain alpha all to herself, and werewolf hunters making deals and killing every werewolf they can, you got a problem on your hands. Not to mention if you start falling for a certain hunter, that may or may not be trying to kill you. And when Holly starts having dreams about another guy, that looks a little too much like the alpha that is claiming to be her mate, you get chaos. Holly just can't catch a break. And what's this about a wolf moon?

_TheBeautyInTears_ _TheBeautyInTears_ Jul 18, 2016
-abet king. Well he was in kindergarten.....we all know how THAT went. The poor boy cried for months when little Lonny Silverman won alphabet king that day.
PeoplzOfEarth PeoplzOfEarth Jun 12, 2016
People calling someone sweetie im books makes me cringe hardcore
JINUtheDEVIL JINUtheDEVIL Dec 14, 2016
Eww he is ugly I'm gonna think that he is nick bateman or Francisco lachowski or someone else
penguin_cow_flute1 penguin_cow_flute1 Dec 03, 2016
I had the fun of getting my period on my 12th birthday -.- best birthday present ever *ugh*
Justy562 Justy562 Jun 18, 2016
She's still messing up after all this time? I don't believe that: