The Bad Boy's Sleeping Beauty

The Bad Boy's Sleeping Beauty

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Trisha By Trisha_Mahone Completed

Book 2 in the Bad Boy series. 

This book can be read separately from the first book; The Bad Boys' Cinderella. 


Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Go back to sleep,

The Bad Boy is dreaming of you.


Aurora lived across from him for years and never did she think to engage with him because of his reputation. Aurora was the quiet girl who just prayed for the day she graduated so she could move somewhere far away from her clueless father. 

Zayne Thatcher was known as the Bad Boy but he couldn't care less. Zayne couldn't stand Aurora because of her innocence. He just wanted to get away as soon as possible from all his responsibilities at home and from the horrid label his school had given him. 

Both wanted to get away but what happens when Zayne almost runs Aurora over with his motorbike? Well, they meet and their hate hopefully becomes something...nicer. 

He was her beginning and she was his end.


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