Our Memories- Lovers Lane Zane X Reader

Our Memories- Lovers Lane Zane X Reader

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✨Arielle✨ By AriWritesStuff Completed

{Sequel to Vacation days and third book in the That Emo Kid trilogy}

{Used to be House Hunters}

Vacation has ended, and you're disappointed that after all this time, your family still doesn't trust you. They deny any notion of you leaving them behind to pursue your dreams.

That is, until your boyfriend's entire town blew up cause of some dimwit mayor who didn't know what a vacation was.

Looks like your story isn't over yet.

When you finally obtain that house you so desired, new things keep popping up. Whether it be new rivals, new challenges, or new holidays, will your relationship stand strong?

Or will it fall like your social life after you read this? 

Chaos is your best friend, after all

{Updates every Friday}

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smudgekit smudgekit Dec 04, 2017
Oh yeah almost forgot the whole 
AstrallyMe AstrallyMe Nov 27, 2017
I thought it was three... Your books about Zane have three years , not two!
Aphmaushipper098 Aphmaushipper098 Dec 31, 2017
R.I.P forth wall 
                              You were young but you will be remembered 
                              Rest in peace
ImmaPotatoe10 ImmaPotatoe10 Aug 26, 2017
That's the problem when your family is well known.
                              P.S= My last name is quite well known in my city, that's why I pointed that out.
AnsatsuFairy AnsatsuFairy Sep 18, 2017
lol I just read a book called the bad boys mission and the guy called the girl muffin