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The lost sister (Ro'Meave sister) by LunaWolfKitten
The lost sister (Ro'Meave sister)by LunaWolfKitten
Y/n Ro'Meave was thrown out at a young age. No one ever knew. She keeps her face hidden. Why? Because she has the same face as someone everyone hates. I do NOT own any...
Legends of Irene ( Garroth x Reader) | Aphmau Fanfiction| UNDER IMMENSE EDITING by Aliyagaming
Legends of Irene ( Garroth x i kinda hate Wattpad rn
The city turned grey that day--the day Irene left. And so did your heart. Sealed away in the Irene dimension was your only reason to live. That is, until you found anoth...
Someone's Little Sister: A Laurance X Reader *UNDER EDITING* by JustAnotherDream_15
Someone's Little Sister: A Samantha
{#1 in Aphmau} {Won Best Audio/Visual Fanfiction and Best Fanfiction Plot in the Fanfiction Awards} "Y/N, I love you. I don't want to lose you. Will you marry me...
Don't Forget Me ( MCD Boy's x Reader ) by FreeFlyer68
Don't Forget Me ( MCD Boy's x FreeFlyer68
( Your name ) was tired of Running. Running from O'Khasis, from Zane, from her past. She was supposed to shoot her deer for food. When two guards interfere and take her...
To Save A Little Hope (On Hold)   An Aphmau Crossover.  Mystreet, MCD, and ???? by leeBon27
To Save A Little Hope (On Hold) leeBon27
My first story! This is about two series Mystreet and MCD crossing over to a dimension nobody has heard of to find help to solve their problems. What will happen to them...
Mcd Meets MyStreet by Elizabethrzg11
Mcd Meets MyStreetby GalaxyUnicorn
This Happens while they are in Starlight sometime after Aph and Aaron revealed to everyone but the Licolns' that they were engaged. In Mcd it occurs sometime is season 3...
The Tears in Her Eyes (Aaron x Reader) by Mis_chief_Managed
The Tears in Her Eyes (Aaron x g a b b y
UNDER EXTREME EDITING! Some parts may seem finished an some not, but that's because I'm horrible with keeping up with my editing schedule. I ran. I ran and ran and ran...
SHADOW KNIGHT'S REVENGE: A Minecraft Diaries Fan-Fiction by prettymuchbasic
SHADOW KNIGHT'S REVENGE: A prettymuchbasic
"They betrayed you," Sasha had said. "They left you for dead." After the tragedy that took place in Lady Irene's dimension, the people of Phoenix Dro...
Minecraft Diaries One-Shots (XReaders) by The_Jury_Of_9
Minecraft Diaries One-Shots ( Xavi Serrano Fanclub
Welcome to the X Reader Book! This is the most popular book on the account, feel free to suggest things on the latest chapters! Achievements; #402 in Fanfiction on Octob...
Sorry || Gene x Reader [✔] by -vainglorious
Sorry || Gene x Reader [✔]by 𝐆𝐋𝐎𝐑𝐘
❝𝙃𝙀𝙔 𝙋𝙍𝙄𝙉𝘾𝙀𝙎𝙎, 𝘾𝘼𝙉 𝙄 𝙆𝙄𝙎𝙎 𝙔𝙊𝙐 ? ❞ ↳ I WAS WONDERING why you were on my mind again. but then i finally realized that, since...
Sugar Daddy by Ani-meow1200
Sugar Daddyby Inactive
Zane is just a lonely crossdresser that lives with his pet pig. Travis is a rich drug lord looking for someone to spend his money on. Updates: Mondays
If We Fall In Love... [Garrance AU] {Book 1} (Completed) by katgamez2000
If We Fall In Love... [Garrance ~Kat~
"If we fall in love, we might get hate..." "I can live with that, just to be close to you." "I we fall in love, we might lose some of our friend...
Running || A Garrance Fanfic by _Shippers_Unite_
Running || A Garrance Fanficby Emily
Being heartbroken is not an easy fix. Being heartbroken after a seventeen-year-long crush is even worse. Having to watch the woman who broke your heart be totally in lov...
fragments → garmau • mcd au by timelesslywasted
fragments → garmau • mcd auby zero gt
My name is Garroth O'khasis. I live in Phoenix Drop, and attend Phoenix Drop High as a senior. And I don't believe in love. ||completed||
Aphmau Text Chats 2 by MagicGamer04
Aphmau Text Chats 2by Shipping Goddess
Its back!! More text chats between Aphmau characters that are guaranteed to make you laugh or your money back!! Enjoy these silly little text chats!!
Alone...     |Ein X Reader|    <(Discontinued)> by miss-fanfictions
Alone... |Ein X Reader| by miss-fanfictions
(Y/n), heard of her? Yeah, I thought you wouldn't. Well, she's the werewolf girl in the back of the class by the window with (h/l) (h/c) hair, and sad (e/c) eyes. Still...
Socially Awkward (Zane x Reader) MyStreet by Chloe3256
Socially Awkward (Zane x Reader) oop
You moved out of your old house because you thought that your mother would feel better taking care of fewer kids. Not really knowing where to move because you were homes...
Stolen Heart (Zenix x Reader) [✔️] by soccerkitty7
Stolen Heart (Zenix x Reader) [✔️]by soccerkitty7
▹▹▹COMPLETE◃◃◃ ❝I didn't think you loved me like that...❞ Zenix breathes, his eyes wide. I see marks from the knife on his cheeks too and I weep more. ❝WELL I DO LOVE Y...
Live a little (Zane x reader) by TehOGPotato
Live a little (Zane x reader)by Teh Og Potato
Y/n has always been a free spirited girl she moves into a new neighborhood because her older Brother Aaron recommend it as you have been looking for a home. You just gra...
When Does it Stop? ✔️ | (Reader x MCD) by SlotherNymes
When Does it Stop? ✔️ | (Reader SlotherNymes
Y/N L/N is a rouge princess with a sad backstory and has found herself in the village of Phoenix Drop. What will you do? Fight the guards? Yeah probably, no one can amou...