A battle worth winning- Zane X Reader

A battle worth winning- Zane X Reader

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✨Arielle✨ By AriWritesStuff Completed

Ever since you were ten, Zane never changed. 

Cold, quiet, never showed emotions.

From when you were small, you were friends. Inseparable at that. He grew feelings for you overtime, and this never changed, despite his views on the world. 

You and him were stuck in the Irene dimension for 15 years. After all of this war, this pain, you still saw good in him. You moved to Scaleswind to calm your mind. To forget him. 

But when Aphmau needs your help to get him and Garroth out alive, you put back on your armor and prepare for the worst. With a smile, you face him again. 

After Tula takes over Okhasis, holding your family and his captive, will you fight alongside him? Will you turn him over to the enemy? Will Tula go out victorious?
Or will you sacrifice yourself for the greater good?

{Gender Neutral}

Completed as of July 3rd, 2016

........ She I was just thinking  that there so bad....... Awkward .
Cool to know see you next Tuesday wait (looks at schedule) nvm I have plans not to give a fück what you think(middle finger ) jackäss
etmisg etmisg Oct 20
Zane: well heck I'll just admit to murdering all these people while I'm at it!
Semellymau Semellymau Oct 30
*Throws bread at his head* After all da friendship we've been through...
Semellymau Semellymau Oct 30
Now I feels bad for throwing bread at you! *Hugs Zane* You no duck!
Yeah right, why would someone as important as him would want advice?