Vacation days- A Love Love Paradise Zane X Reader

Vacation days- A Love Love Paradise Zane X Reader

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✨Arielle✨ By AriWritesStuff Completed

{Sequel to That Emo Kid}

Senior year

You moved away from Mystreet to focus on studies. You left your best friend (and past lover), Zane, behind to pursue your career. (Still keeping in touch of course) 
Once you finished college, you decided it would be high time to visit him.

But he never answered your calls. 

Finally you gave up, your mother had gotten you and your college friends tickets to Love Love Paradise, the place where dreams come true, to get your mind off him. 

But you find a lot more waiting for you there...

Completed as of September 16th, 2016

Aye, hate to say it, buuuut our parents are *LOUD BEEP)'s. (LOUD BEEP) them. Either way, I kinda like having a huge place to myself. Oh yeah! Time to invite the guys over since Zane don't want me anymore! JK!
Yeah my will to live is sold out sowy and trust me it's not by me 😂
Papia_sama Papia_sama Feb 15
Me on an island alone be like "I forgot my shampoo, conditioner, camera, oh and my fluffing will to live!"
crazykitty3000 crazykitty3000 5 days ago
All I'd have to do is bring the whole class with me.... how fun would that be?