Darkness Feeds on Love ( Zane x Reader )

Darkness Feeds on Love ( Zane x Reader )

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Nerdy_Singer By Nerdy_Singer Updated Nov 18

(Warning: there is cussing in this book)

This story is about a Princess of a village called Shadow Crest, but unlike your typical Princess; she has a dark side to her. No matter how many times she was taught to be a kind and noble princess the darkness would consume her... And she let it. She has always loved the power that the darkness gave her, but no matter how many times she tried to convince her parents that the darkness was good; they would never listen to her. The more and more the darkness consumed N/M the more worried her parents became for the safety of their village. At the age of 9 N/M had to leave her village due to the King and Queen of Shadow Crest sending their soldiers to kill their daughter. Once N/M heard of their plans she snuck out of the village and into the forest, and lived 13 years of her life training her strength and her power to steal the kingdom from her parents. From that day on N/M had never entered a village until one day  she heard of a feared group called the Jury of Nine, and decided to join the group. Little did she know that this decision was going to change her life for better and for worse.

P.S- I don't own some of these characters most characters belong to Aphmau and her                            Minecraft Diaries series on Youtube.

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