Zane Ro'Meave: (A Zane X Reader)

Zane Ro'Meave: (A Zane X Reader)

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Book Originally Started: 5.04.16
Book's Rewriting Started: 12.07.18

(You can go read the rewritten chapter(s) first if you want, but you can read the original of course)

You and Zane are basically the epitome of partners in crime, since you were mere infants until you two graduated college. When your parents decide to kick you out to do "Intense Mario Kart", there's only one person you can move in with for the time being. 

What will this lead to? The cliché of course.

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!! If you've read this book then please don't spoil lol, that would be very unfortunate

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- - Feb 16
Meh everyone else is doing it soooo, ima follow suit:
                              Purple/blue/green Why shade whatsoever
                              Panic! At at the disco
Crazycake420 Crazycake420 Jun 10, 2017
                              Zac Brown Band ( yes Ik, I like country. DONT JUDGE ME )
                              (Not real obvi)
                              And uh hmmm OH UH imagine dragons?
GraceIMagic GraceIMagic Jun 26
- Lane 
                              - Thompson (So original.)
                              - Crystal
                              - Dark blue
                              - METALLICA........ No?...
                              Awww. Okay...
Galaxy_Kitty06 Galaxy_Kitty06 Jan 21, 2017
                              ~Galaxy colors and Crimson Red
                              ~Fall out boy
_bhadie_ _bhadie_ Oct 28
I'm just gonna say...this is my 4th time reading this book and oml the ending i cant! The first time i read this book i cried