Third Time's a Charm

Third Time's a Charm

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MDS-666 By QuirkyAndPalmTrees Updated Nov 06

Castiel Novak, junior, dorkiest guy at Lawrence High. Neighbors with Dean Winchester, star quarter-back, who's slept with nearly every girl at their school. Joy. He really wants to go for what he wants, but Castiel's not about to make that mistake.

Gabriel Novak, Lawrence High's "Trickster." Sophomore, along with Sam Winchester, one of the smartest kids in their school. Best friends since birth. But how the hell do you tell your best friend your in love with them?

Lucifer Novak, the "Bad Boy," gets into fights, rules the school. He would never dream of ever being with Michael Milligan, straight-A student, the schools prized jock. And then they are.

Contains swearing, incredibly bad puns, sexual tension no doubt, Gabriel and Luci being themselves, slight homophobic language (I don't really like homophobic stuff), other stuff I'm too lazy to list

I tried to think of a science joke, but the best one I came up with was "What, you going to memorise everythinf inside of him?" or "What, you're going to explore him all night long?"
I completely forgot about Raphael awww I feel so bad...ha, oh well (:
Thank you for this useful information, I will now put down my half full jar of pretzels and grape juice (:
I seriously said this to my friend. She said "I really like the fall" and I said, "It's autumn you uncultured swine"
Yes Charlie, you agree with them! Be apart of the conversation.
I was literally like this on another story with a bride and it was beautiful