Paint you Wings (Destiel)

Paint you Wings (Destiel)

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Martina By Maybejustme2 Completed

(Teenage Foster Home AU)

Dean Winchester. The boy with a traumatic past.
Castiel Novak. The boy who has it all. 

Two boys who couldn't be any more different meet at a fosterhome after Dean and his younger brother finally get taken away from their abusive father. Castiel is pretty interested in the shy new guy and after they overcome Dean's trust issues they start forming a friendship like nobody has ever seen before.

But Castiel wants to her Dean's story, wants to know what had happened to his new friend. And so Dean starts telling a story - his story. He wraps it up in the story of an unknown boy, hoping his friend doesn't realize that it is his story.

But in the end only one story will be left to tell - the story of how the broken boy fell in love with the angel.

When cas was mentioned my heart did a leap and I was like YES CASSY CURE HIM AND LOVE HIM
gonercass gonercass Jul 14
" what's wrong ?  you don't think you deserved to be saved … ? "
sonadora8 sonadora8 Nov 10
No Dean please don't I know they are razors but I wish they weren't baby
Maybejustme2 Maybejustme2 Sep 14, 2015
Maybe in the end Cas will fix everything *wiggles with eyebrows*