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He Lives In Lawrence || Destiel AU

He Lives In Lawrence || Destiel AU

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nottrulyblue By nottrulyblue Updated Jul 12

When your soulmate gets something on their skin, it appears on your skin too. If they draw a flower in Sharpie on their wrist, you get a flower on your wrist. If you fall and cut your knee open, your soulmate will get red patches on their skin.
  Castiel Novak is in his last year of high school in Lawrence, Kansas and he's got more important things on his mind than finding his soulmate.
  Dean Winchester works at Singer Salvage Yard on the outskirts of Lawrence and he's got a whole life ahead of him that he wants to make the most of. That means finding his soulmate.
  But Dean is sure his soulmate is a girl and when he meets the dark haired boy in a coffee shop, he refuses to believe he's the person he's destined to spend the rest of his life with. And with the threat of his alcoholic and incredibly homophobic father discovering Castiel, he's more determined than ever to make sure he doesn't fall for the charming blue eyed school boy.
  • • • • • 
  This is based off a Tumblr post that I found and thought was incredibly cute so there you go. There will also be some Sabriel in this. Just to clarify, the age gap between Sam and Dean is two years instead of four.

I bet Gabriel will be the one to draw the dicks lol. It seems like he would be the one to do that
This is the opposite of every other AU with Castiel's family
michiartz michiartz Jun 28
fun fact i said that to someone today,lets just say the whole store looked over with consern
lovtvgg lovtvgg 7 days ago
ok loving the story but why would anyone date someone if they knew they werent their sould mate