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Hunter's Angel (Destiel/Sabriel) by Gabriels_Wings
Hunter's Angel (Destiel/Sabriel)by Jaz :)
Destiel/Sabriel Reverse!Verse Castiel and Gabriel Novak. You'd think they were angels from their name. But no, they were hunters. Hunters of all things that live in th...
The Price of Debt(Michifer, Sabriel, and Destiel)  by IM_OTP_TRASH
The Price of Debt(Michifer, Sabrie...by IM_OTP_TRASH
Sam,Dean, and Lucifer all are extremely powerful gang leaders known all around the U.S. But what happens when the trio of leaders make the most powerful gang ever to wal...
Between Madness And Mirage - A Michifer Fanfiktion   by _Doctor_Pond_
Between Madness And Mirage - A Mic...by Lexy
!! Sequel of 'Between Abomination And Affection' !! Michael and Lucifer managed it to break out of the cage; leaving nothing but flames behind them in their prison. But...
Between Abomination And Affection - Michifer by _Doctor_Pond_
Between Abomination And Affection...by Lexy
Michael, the leader of heaven, wakes up in a strange area that he doesn't know. He has to face the fact that this is the cage and he is trapped there. Trapped with his a...
Quote in the Quiet (Sabriel) by Gabriels_Wings
Quote in the Quiet (Sabriel)by Jaz :)
AU with Mute Sam, Background Destiel and Michifer Gabriel Novak, just your every day person just out of college. Works at a fandom shop with his best friend Charlie an...
Unknown Colours (Destiel/Sabriel) by Gabriels_Wings
Unknown Colours (Destiel/Sabriel)by Jaz :)
Highschool/Soulmates AU The Novak's and Winchester's live in a world where everything is grey, up until you meet your soulmate, at which point they'll be able to see col...
Live A Little (Supernatural One-Shots) by atllou
Live A Little (Supernatural One-Sh...by L
a collection of one-shots update: this is really fucking old and I kind of want to delete it but I'm really proud of it because it is my first (and only) mildly success...
Family Don't End With Blood /Destiel//Sabriel//Michifer by Kat_Winters
Family Don't End With Blood /Desti...by Kat Winters
Supernatural High School AU. John has finally been placed in prison and Bobby is able to raise Sam, Dean, and their adopted younger sister, Elsa (nothing to do with froz...
Destiel one shots 😇💙😏 by FatalUnicorn
Destiel one shots 😇💙😏by Frogg.face
Just a bunch of Destiel oneshots and maybe some Sabriel idk yet!
Song of the Heart (Destiel/Sabriel/Michifer) by Gabriels_Wings
Song of the Heart (Destiel/Sabriel...by Jaz :)
Musician AU!!! :D Gabriel, Castiel, Michael and Lucifer. Also known as Heaven's Grace, a well known band that became popular after writing a world wide hit several years...
Lightkeeper /Destiel//Sabriel//Michifer by Kat_Winters
Lightkeeper /Destiel//Sabriel//Mic...by Kat Winters
Sequel to 'Family Don't End With Blood.' Supernatural High School AU: The Winchesters have been attending high school in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, for almost a year...
Back One Day by destielimpala6767
Back One Dayby DI67
*Sequel to Off My Mind* *COMPLETED* As his father dragged him and his little brother away from their new family, Dean told Castiel that he would be back one day but what...
Supernatural Multi ship collection by _Doctor_Pond_
Supernatural Multi ship collectionby Lexy
A collection of Oneshots that I write about ships I ship from the TV show 'Supernatural'
What Would I Do Without You(Michifer High School AU) by Hanzo-Urushihara-
What Would I Do Without You(Michif...by Hanzo-Urushihara-
(There is also a little of Destiel and Sabriel,but mainly Michifer) Lucifer and Michael are best friends that have been together since they met in high school.They met i...
It Takes Two (Sabriel/Destiel/Michifer) (UNDER HEAVY EDITING) by blissfullyineffable
It Takes Two (Sabriel/Destiel/Mich...by George Wh0re
Sam is mostly mute and meets Gabe and his siblings. They easily become friends and more. Dean meets Cas through Sam and Gabe, even though he doesn't like Gabe. He insta...
A Winter Storm (SEQUEL to A Summer Dream) by Gabriels_Wings
A Winter Storm (SEQUEL to A Summer...by Jaz :)
Sequel to the summer camp AU Sam, Dean, Gabriel and Castiel all went to a camp on the summer of 2013. They were in a cabin together, became friends, and eventually becam...
Apocalypse brought by man (Destiel/Sabriel/Michifer) by assbutt_ofthelord
Apocalypse brought by man (Destiel...by assbutt_ofthelord
~ (Destiel, Sabriel and Michifer + Adamandriel chapter 16 and out ) ~ What happens when a man with too much power gives up on life? You get an apocalypse, but this time...
Two Tricksters? (Sabriel Highschool AU)  by DeansLeftSock
Two Tricksters? (Sabriel Highschoo...by DeansLeftSock
Gabriel gets pranked during biology and freaks out, he declares a prank war with whoever pranked him earlier. Will Gabriel find out who's pranking him and why? There w...
Off My Mind by destielimpala6767
Off My Mindby DI67
*Highschool AU* *COMPLETED* 18 year old Dean has moved back to Lawrence, Kansas where he's happily starting senior year with his boyfriend and little brother until he ru...
Many Words (Destiel, Sabriel And Michifer highschool au) by Katspn
Many Words (Destiel, Sabriel And M...by
Castiel and Dean are best friends. And they are neighbours too. One day Cas goes to Deans house in the middle of the night, and walks in on Dean... doing stuff;) And why...