Rejection Hurts

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Barbara By Babygurl82393 Updated 2 years ago
Samantha's life fell apart the year her parents died. She had been a nerd her whole life, but no one  had teased her because her dad was the packs Beta and her brother always beat anyone who tried to. Then her parents died that horrible day ans suddenly her whole pack picked on her including her brother! She wanted to leave but she thought that  when she found her mate everything would get better. In reality, when she found  her mate, Xavier, he rejected her. Unable to deal with the pain she left....
    This is her story
I feel like thanking my brother for being years older than me so I never had to worry about this happening to me
That's a beautiful number 8, so very sexy! (people reading with the app on there phones will get this)
He will also use protection *nudge* *wink* I'm okay with myself,you have a problem?
HOW IN THE FÜCK CAN A PERSON "Break a car" because their weight. This FÛCKER AINT USING LOGIC. He's a dumb aśš.
Sorry, I'm going to be honest here. How does a "slightly tight" long sleeved shirt make you look "less fat" no offense, but wouldn't that make her .. You know.. Make her *cough* Pop out? :(
OH MAHHH GOSHHHH. These lil bítches always have crushes on their bullies. Slût up. I'd never have a crush on someone who was mean to me, I'd rather be like "FIGHT ME"like square up.