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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 17

Sorry for the late upload I have a fudged up sister -_-

Thanks for being so patient and waiting guys.

dedicated to all my patient fans 

Samantha's POV

I couldn't sleep at all that night. Every time I closed my eyes memories from my old pack would bombard me.

I tried to sleep with Jayden, but when he would hug me memories of being held down by pack members would haunt me. I eventually just left and went to the gym.

I spent the whole night working out. Matter of fact I was working out right now.

I pulled my hair into a pony tail and stepped in front of the punching back.

I started to punch it. I was releasing all my anger. I punched the bag thinking of Leslie's face on it. I turned and threw a side kick to the punching bag. I quickly did a combo of a jab then a front kick then a upper cut.

I kept wailing punches on the bag as a memory over took me

Flash back

I was crouched in a corner in my “room”. I was so hungry that my stomach had sharp pains. I hadn’t eaten in about a week. Leslie had told me that I ate too much and told me I couldn't eat all weak.

I held in a whimper of pain when my door was suddenly kicked down.

I flinched as I saw the angry expression on one of the packs warriors.

He stalked towards me and began to speak, “You little bitch!, I thought I told you that I wanted you to have my clothes washed and food on the table for the warriors by the time I came back from patrolling!!.”

I covered my head before I spoke, “ I-i'm sorry. I-I had to-to h-help Ms-s.Les-lesie.”

He glared at me before he pulled me up by my hair, “I don't want to hear your excuses I want to see you doing what I wold you to!”

He shoved me towards the door before he grabbed my ass. I held in a shudder and walked to the kitchen to do what I was told.

Flash back over

I narrowed my eyes and turned and threw a flying kick to the punching bag. With a loud crack the punching bag broke off the chain and fell to the floor. SHIT! I just ruined that punching bag.

I pulled the punching bag to the corner and hid it behind some mats. I closed my eyes and took a few death breaths to try and calm myself. It started to work until I thought about how the same people who ruined my life were coming back now.

With a snarl I headed to another punching bag and started wailing punches on it. I was starting to feel the pain in my hands by now. I had forgot to tape my hands up when I first started. I hit the bag with a sharp upper cut before I hit it with a side kick.

I imagined Xavier's face as I hit the bag one more time. The bag landed on the floor with a loud thud. GAH!! Now I have to replace to bags. I quickly sat on the floor and stretched my legs.

I assessed the damage to my hands. Man I messed up my hands bad, but it should heal in like half an hour.

I hid the punching bag and headed over to the balance beams. I climbed on the beam and walked one quarter of the way before I flipped over. I walked the rest of the way on my hands. When I got to the end I flipped over and landed on my feet.

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