Midnight Luna (#Wattys2015)

Midnight Luna (#Wattys2015)

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Rini Annie Cherian By _LightBringer_ Completed

Outcast. Bullied. Hated. Rejected.

This was Hailey Johnson's life and she hated it. She takes a stand and decides to run away. As a rogue she comes upon a new pack who fortunately accept her into their pack. She was finally happy and felt loved and wanted.

But this was short lived. When an unexpected visitor enters her life things go down hill. She was placed with a great burden by the fates. 

Will she be able to carry this burden? Or will she give up?

And what happens when her ex-mate enters her life again? Her happy contended life.

Read on to
Enjoy the heart break, jealousy, family and mate drama..!!!

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He may be an *** but her brother has a bigger point. He was dull enough to follow YOU. If you had left her the **** alone he wouldn't have done so
Yeah,I don't feel sorry for you,you just had to wait for her to leave before you do that huh
My child, this is why you should've at THE VERY LEAST acted like a brother
Well,she's not forcing you
                              And please,if someone's the bitch here its you
Why would you want her to come back
                              Plus,you think shell come back after what you all did to her,she did something for her sake,she's tired of being sweated at,and makes fun off
                              So just get those words up your ass
Your face is ugly as your attitude
                              (No offence to the actor tho)