The Rejected Returned

The Rejected Returned

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My name is Skylar, I'm 17, I am abused by my pack, they thought i killed my parents. I didn't, i was just there. I cook, I clean, I do their homework and get used as their personal punching bag, even by my brother. I am meant to shift and find my mate. I found my mate he was the Alpha. He rejected me. I ran and I found a new pack. I shifted with them there to support me. They are my new family, but I have to go back to my old pack to help them. I have to return to my living hell and see my mate again.

The sequel is called:
King and Queen of the wolves (Sequel to TRR)
However, it is on hold, sorry x

Was, 'Rejected by my mate...then returned with a new pack and son'

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I did this once when I left my phone at my friends, I got my parents to drive 30 mins down some creepy road, and I just burst through the door like “WHERE THE HELL IS MY BABY!” I don’t think the parents wanted to invite me back... but what ever.
Me when i found my moms sweet snack stash under her bed hahahahah
gigi219 gigi219 2 days ago
                              “WHY DIDNT YOU LOVE ME?”
And that... lady’s and gentlemen, is how you handle an aśs hole mate! GIVE IT FOR THIS WOMEN! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Runnings to hard.... what if we floated out of the school.. yea that sounds better.
I said that once referring to my dog and my grandma was so shocked she fainted