A Burning Rejection

A Burning Rejection

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Charlie By Realityunknown Completed

{Completed} Jessie Brown once had a normal life, a normal family, friends and a pack. But a hurricane swept over her life and completely turned everything upside down. She's been left confused, alone and down right angry. 

The night of Jessica's sixteenth birthday was supposed to be the first time she could connect with her wolf. However, the night didn't go to plan. Not only did she not shift but that night everyone turned against her.

Jessica's friends abandoned and bullied her and her parents turned their backs on her when she needed them the most. But what pushed her over the edge was when her mate, future alpha of The Moon Forest Pack Cameron Bane rejected her. Devastated, Jessica ditches school and wanders around the forest in her territory where she meets Penny a women that has been keeping an eye on her since birth.

Penny has come to take Jessica away under the orders of the elders. One of the elders had a vision that she has a power that can help them with an upcoming event that no one knows about, not even the elders.

Jessica is destined for greatness and all supernatural beings are relying on her to save them all.

(Previously known as Flame It Up)

  • alpha
  • beta
  • burn
  • enemy
  • family
  • fire
  • love
  • mate
  • mates
  • pack
  • reject
  • rejection
  • rouges
  • unwanted
  • war
  • werewolf
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mehreenpinkbunny mehreenpinkbunny Jul 25, 2017
But that's my opinion and I choose to read these so it's my choice no harm intended was just stating my opinion
mehreenpinkbunny mehreenpinkbunny Jul 25, 2017
At least make him work for your forgiveness it's always like boy : "I'm sorry "girl  " I love you too " it makes girls look like naive fools
kpopasshole kpopasshole Aug 11, 2017
I'm the nuisance in my family...so don't worry. I feel ya homie.
Arrealia_Lo Arrealia_Lo Dec 26, 2017
                              I don't do much right either 
                              And I can't shift 
                              We should become friends
She can't sing she can't dance but who cares when she walks like Rihanna
mehreenpinkbunny mehreenpinkbunny Jul 25, 2017
You know the reason I read these things is at least in one of them the girl would realize she too good for the boy and reject him instead of living happily ever after