~Enough Is Enough~ (Book Two)

~Enough Is Enough~ (Book Two)

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This is a sequel to my book Aphmau Divine Secrets so if you haven't read that you might want to before you read this.

"5 years has really passed.. 5 years.." I mumbled laying on my bed trying to get comft. 5 whole years.. Was this TM's plan? To get people to hate me? Considering the evil glares i got when everyone heard i was back her plan worked.

Its been 3 weeks since i had returned. Mia's still mad at me about dissapearing for 5 years which I completely understand. Mom and dad got remarried in the time i was gone.. There both in moms demension. 

Now that tm has gotten people to hate me whats she gonna do now? Thinking about her makes my blood boil.. That shadow needs to learn enough is enough. And im going to teach her that.


Ever since Aphmau and the team came back from a alternate demension they find out 5 years has passed in there world. Mia's now 18.. Her and ethan are now DATING. Irene and shad got remarried and are now in the irene demension ruling it. As for cressida and enki there also in the irene demension.

Athena isn't the top divine warrior nor is she even on the list. Same with aaron. 

1. Cora 
2. Irene
3. Shad
4. Shane
5. Adelmo
6. Cressida
7. Enki
8. Kul'Zak
9. Menphia
10. Aja
11. Esmund
12. Hestia

Lisa, levin, and Malachi are all 10 now. Unlike most people there glad that aph and the team are back. But what are the death lights planning? Just what did they earn by making people hate athena? Sure.. It does break her heart and makes her unhappy but..

Athena isn't going down that easy..

Nor are the rest of the divine team

It's about time the death lights learn that Enough Is Enough and the divine team is going to teach them that.

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star3meifaw star3meifaw Aug 10, 2016
Hey remember the first chapter the beginning of awesomeness and remember the ziki ship good times good times
Asgardian_Phoenix Asgardian_Phoenix Aug 23, 2016
YASSSS!!!I was about to get A titan to attack when you said the other book was finished but I cancelled now that i saw dis
katniss1490 katniss1490 Aug 10, 2016
I read the description.  AND I HAVE TO ASK. WHO IN THE NAME OF IRENE, IS CORA.
HeartlessEmoWolfLuna HeartlessEmoWolfLuna Aug 10, 2016
If this was real life..... I'd hit everyone into place that hates The Divine Team.
XxSpyGirlxX XxSpyGirlxX Aug 10, 2016
JainamaliaCustodio JainamaliaCustodio Aug 10, 2016
Get your guns out who even are cora and shane i dont rememder i think that they wernt even in the last book