Dance with Swords | Book 1 of the Rising Phoenix Chronicles

Dance with Swords | Book 1 of the Rising Phoenix Chronicles

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The Feelz Lord By Ashburn1198 Completed

(I hope you guys like the new cover!)

We all know how Aphmau, Garroth, Laurance, Katelyn, Emmalyn, Kenmur, Aaron, and Zane went missing for 15 years into Irene's Dimension. We know how Garroth told the others to leave him behind to fight Zane. We know of the sacrifice that it took to bring him back.
We know the pain that Aphmau has endured because of it.
But what if all of that was different? What if six of them didn't go to Irene's Dimension, and had to live with the consequences for those 15 years?
What if everything we've known about Aphmau's past, who she is and where she came from, was all a cruel lie, made to plunge the world into eternal Darkness and pain? What if the rumors of "The Seven" are true?
What if Aphmau was hiding a dark past full of death and fire?
What if... Lady Aphmau and Zane were the only ones to disappear?

This is the story of The Rising Phoenix Constellation, which only rises every 1,000 years.
And it's about to rise again.

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