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I sighed....

"Charlotte Thorne...."

Even whispering her name at the dead of the night, all alone in my own bedroom, seemed to be forbidden.

I whispered again, savouring the delicious taste of the forbidden fruit as those words rolled through my tongue again,

"Charlotte Mia Thorne.... Mia.... You will be the death of me!"


Rickard Ellington Conway, the handsome billionaire with a personality that is colder than all the chill of the poles and Alaska-Alps-Himalaya combined - a true businessman with a heart of stone, calm attitude and calculative mind.

But the appearance of his innocent, naive and sweet personal secretary Charlotte Thorne, the trouble magnet of the century, starts to change everything.

With her sunshine smile, the heart of stone starts to melt.


~~~Yeah guys! You guessed right!  Our favourite couple from the series "Never Ever" and "After Never" (Charlotte's story) by the very talented 3cupcakes_123! 

Follow their journey in this fanfiction through the POV of none other than RickRick!


Ashimasheeel Ashimasheeel Aug 07, 2016
But if u r updating dis... then please dnt update once in a week like r 3cupcakes do...please update twice or thrice😁😁😁😁😆😅
3cupcakes_123 3cupcakes_123 Aug 13, 2016
Keep on the awesome work! Amazing hypothetical glances into Rickboo's mind :)
ihaveasandwich ihaveasandwich Oct 26, 2016
It's lovely - this is written quite similarly to the original book. :)
htcsc78 htcsc78 Oct 27, 2016
This is so masterfully written! I love how you portray his mind his voice! I'm glad you told me about this book I'm definitely going to dive into it! Keep up the good work!
3cupcakes_123 3cupcakes_123 Aug 07, 2016
This is just amazing! We encourage you to continue♡ Great job ;) We've always been interested in fanfiction works, and this is just perfect! Very creative👍