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Love Me? Like You Do. #Wattys2017

Love Me? Like You Do. #Wattys2017

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SandCrystal (Andy) By SandCrystal Updated 14 hours ago

"I need you to be my wife." he said lifting her chin up, forcing her to look at him.
    "But, we don't love each other." protested Brielle as he crashed his lips against her own. 
    She couldn't think as she kissed him back, intoxicated by his scent and the skillful way his body moved against her own.
    "Please." he said huskily looking into her eyes. "Say yes."
    "Yes." Brielle found herself saying. After all she never had a choice when it came to him.
    After Brielle rushed an elderly man to the hospital, she used up all her savings to foot the bill.  But she didn't expect the man's son to arrive, within minutes of her payment. 
    He's rich, he's handsome and he's single. He's the biggest businessman in the continent. And the elderly man she rescued was his beloved father. A simple thank you and a cheque would not suffice.
    She's too simple for her own good and he's too good to be true.
    Read on to find out how a mismatched pair's lives intertwine.
    A big thank you to @CovermakerH for the amazing cover

Mhm seems like a pretty good book... Please read mine its called obsession;its my first book I want to know what you good writers think about ir
Bubblyxoxo Bubblyxoxo Apr 15, 2016
Okay, so I think it would make a lot more sense and not confuse the reader if you make these kinds of sentences like this, 
                              At this rate his condition will deteriorate, - I-don't- know-how-to-spell-her-name thought. Cause your confusing the reader into thinking that she's saying this aloud
MaryFahey MaryFahey Jul 08, 2016
Wonderful opening and not one I've met on the gazillions of romances I've read.
TakeMe2NeverlandPlz TakeMe2NeverlandPlz Apr 27, 2016
I'm so glad you chose Lily Collins, she is literally so perfect!
XxHaZeLsEdWaRdOxX XxHaZeLsEdWaRdOxX May 15, 2016
oh look it's Clarissa Fray or should I say Fairchild or should I say Morgenstern or should I say Herondale or should I say Lightwood
Mayrelin13 Mayrelin13 Apr 16, 2016
LMFAOO!! who goes to the hospital to steal tires!?😂😭💀 She'd be a savage to do that 😂