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Your past defines you. 

This was something unfortunately Mia had to live with. An ugly incident in her past forced Mia to change and become a new person. 

She managed to move away from everything that connected to her past, yet somehow she wound up coming back to the one person that was at the centre of it. 

Sebastian Carter. 

Just the sight of Mia irked Sebastian to no extent, he believed her whole innocent routine once, he wasn't going to fall for it again.

He wanted her gone, far away from his life, but somehow she came back to him. 

What happens when both Mia and Sebastian are forced to work together, despite hating each other's guts?


"Clearly you didn't learn your lesson at prom" Sebastian then stated, shaking his head. "I'm going to make you regret ever taking this opportunity".

"There's one difference though" Mia said, her voice calm and unwavering.

"What?" He asked her. 

She smiled at Sebastian, whose turn it was now to look surprised. 

"I'm not that little girl anymore Sebastian. This time I don't stay on the ground, I fight back" She stated. 

*contains some swearing and grammar mistakes (that I will fix eventually)*