Percy Jackson: The Great Army of Chaos

Percy Jackson: The Great Army of Chaos

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His life was perfect after the war with Gaia. He was in a happy relationship with his girlfriend. Camp only seemed to get better, new campers started coming in , He and Jason continued to make lesser known gods become more known, they got Annabeth to design more cabins for the minor gods and they built them. Aphrodite started calling Percy and Annabeth the it couple and wished she had one like theirs. Zeus respected the seven more than ever. The Romans and the Greeks agreed to work together and occasionally had council meetings on feedback from each other's side. Paul and Sally had beautiful baby boy together named Sam and were quite happy. His life was right where he wanted it to be. His life was perfect.

Until he lost her...

Percy goes on a quest to find her only to meet Chaos in the way, Chaos offers Percy a position along with some help to finding her yet is it enough to find her or is it just another dead end.

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