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The Return (A Percy Jackson Betrayal Fanfic) [Completed]

The Return (A Percy Jackson Betrayal Fanfic) [Completed]

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Agent Gracey By Graciey48 Completed

When monster attacks become more frequent, an demigods go spontaneously missing.

That's weird.

When Percy discovers that he has, not one, but two new siblings

That's weird.

When Percy's younger sister delivers a prophesy in a oracle-free world, that foretells Percy's future.

That's really weird.

Some time after the second giant war, defeat of Gaea and fulfilment of the Great prophesy, Percy and Annabeth are living the life;

Until the arrival of two new siblings, which begins a snowball of trouble and worries for the simple life the couple planned out.

Well, being a demigod does have some drawbacks.

They've known each other for 8 years and been dating for 4 years
Read_Write_Blog Read_Write_Blog Mar 14, 2016
I don't know, she's seems like a daughter of Aphrodite to me. I mean, c'mon, her hair makes it so obvious!
Phan-Demi-wisard Phan-Demi-wisard Apr 21, 2016
Mmmm who possible could be your parent? Mmmm sea blue eyes, Raven black hair,  fishing-dale? Mmmm curious. Like how Percy could control the water and everyone was like ' who yo dad?' Mmmmm curious
My eyes skipped over national and thumbs and all I saw was green day for a second and I freaked out man
KaepjjangJams KaepjjangJams Jul 16, 2016
Seriously? Fishing- Dale? Did the mother take a random name from a raffle bucket for Sailors or something? I'm not complaining, as long as it's Fishing-Dale and not Pacific Kraken-Dale.
ThatGerlNamedTwat ThatGerlNamedTwat Nov 13, 2016
No. You know what Elsa said? "You can't marry a man you jst met." I mean obviously they have only been to gether for i dunno, a few long years. Nothing special. They total just met. *Hint the sarcasm