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Secretly Married

Secretly Married

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gdfishy By gdfishy Updated 2 days ago

Hey, did you know that Jungkook is already married? What? You don't believe me? Impossible you say. But nope. It's true. I'm creating false rumors? Hah. I'm not that bad to spread false rumors. Who's his wife? Well, it's no other than... Oops. Jungkook is coming! Better hide! He will not like it if he finds out that we're talking about his wife. You want to know the whole story? Well, come with me and I'll tell you. 
Who am I? Well, I'm GDFISHY. Your finest author. Welcome to my new Dahyun story. This time, I'm pairing her up with our Golden Maknae, no other than Jungkook. 
Enjoy reading!

Yada_ssi Yada_ssi Jul 28, 2016
Basically every fan girls reaction when seeing their bias😂❤️
i thought he was going to say,
                              " she's pretty and different from any girls that i've dated. " 
                              but i was wrong. ﹋o﹋
ErzaKim_2930 ErzaKim_2930 Oct 01, 2016
Omfg a JEON JUNGKOOK as you to MARRY HIM..omg im so kinikilig
KimTaehyung_02 KimTaehyung_02 Aug 01, 2016
I can't  believe taehyung can speak English  hahahahh just kidding