I can feel your heart beat.. (Justin Bieber) *werewolf*

I can feel your heart beat.. (Justin Bieber) *werewolf*

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Lauren By lxuxex Completed

What would happen if you lived in a world where you thought everyone hated you?

Where the one guy you like just happens to like you back but he can't?

And where you feel the whole world weigh's on your shoulders?

This is what it's like for Samantha Clarkson. A mother who seems to pay more attention to work then her own kids. A father living far away and a sister who seemed to hate her. She thought her life wasn't worth living until the day she found out she might have a shot with Justin. The guy she has seemed to have a crush on for what felt like years. He gains her trust, he holds a piece of her heart, he holds half of her. But the secrets that ruined her past life just had to ruin hers.

He wants to love her, he really does.. but he can't. She doesn't know why. Is there something wrong with her? Did she do something? 

It's no help when Chase comes around, wrecking lives. He holds a grudge against Justin and would do ANYTHING to hurt him, is it possible for him to do that anything?

Will they fight for love? Or will it all just end as a fantasy?

Find out in I can feel your heart beat..

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Gissele_1994 Gissele_1994 May 29, 2013
What's the name of the sequel? By the way this is a good book!
ottawalieber ottawalieber Dec 31, 2011
Ooooooo! Honestly, this is the first werewolf story I've read...AND I LOVE IT! :D
julie13 julie13 Dec 18, 2011
This is amazing! Like really! I'm not kidding! XD hahaha! One of the best JB stories I've ever read. :)
CowsAttackedMe CowsAttackedMe Dec 18, 2011
soo far , so good . ((: <33 youu aree a good writer . ! :D and i agree with JBsShawty ! [: lol , well , nextt chapp heree i go ! <3
lxuxex lxuxex Nov 28, 2011
@JBsShawty Really? Omg thank you and you really think so? That means alot<33
- - Nov 28, 2011
I love it, and I really hope it continues, also, I think people will squeal for a sequal when this is over!!!! :) Your my friend are a wonderful writer