Accidental [Part 1 ][ BoyxBoy ]

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    Raquel had never loved a boy in his life and he couldn't imagine ever loving one . That is until Dante came into the picture making him realize something he never knew about himself and forcing him to make decisions that could lead to some good but even more bad . Living where they do , gays are frowned down upon and in some cases killed . 
    Raquel doesn't want to be another headline on the newspaper , but he doesn't want to be loveless either . 
    Follow Raquel as he accepts his feelings , accepts a lover , and takes his fate into his own hands .
So deep. To all the homophobic people out there that think that homosexuality is a choice and down talk homosexuals for being normal and not common. Being homosexual is normal, while being heterosexual is common.
Omg!!!!!!!! write more PLEASE this story is good n interesting
I Love This Soo Much Its A Cute Little Story Can You Continue Please
hahahahah....Raquel is such a tease wrapping his arms around Dante and then acting like nothing happened and then to add insult to injury he tells him he's going to his girlfriend's house.     Dante needs to take Raquel up top  LOL