Glass Prison

Glass Prison

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Andie S.E. By andielexxis Updated Dec 29, 2019

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"They're nothing like your human's stories of fairies. They're not sparkly, small or kind." She inhaled sharply. "They're far from kind and far from small. They're strong and powerful beings that've walked the earth since the beginning just as the mers." Bodhi gazed out the window to the sea. "Fays and mers have warred against each other since the dawn of time."

                                         * * *

The day that humans manage to capture merfolks and display them for the world to see in an aquarium is here...

A mer prince was snatched from his home...

An artist named Meredith wins a free trip to the most internationally famous aquarium...

Only for Meredith to stumble across the dark truth of the aquarium. The aquarium is only a cover up for a war between two ancient, powerful beings-fays and mers.


"Damn, can I just say that this story is so well done. Like this plot is so well written and I love the details and all the banter."
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"-this whole book is amazing, binge worthy, I'm addicted..."
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"Absolutely loving Glass Prison! Instantly one of my favorite books ever-"
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Cover by Andie S.E.

Original Story by Andie S.E.

Published date: April 2019

Young Adult: Strong language & violence

Status: Ongoing

Updates every Monday 

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