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Hi guys! So this is actually my first time writing a adventure story (and xReader), so I am kind of sorry if it looks crappy!!
A long time ago, people were missing when they climb up Mount Ebott. They say there was magic, got lost, or even died. But when you discover the secrets of the mountain, you will get attached to it, and even maybe meet a new 'friend'...

||an W.D. Gaster x Reader fanfic||

•I do NOT own any type of artwork that is included here in the fanfic, all art goes to thier respective owners.•

kizzukie kizzukie Jul 14
its good for my life and i was looking for some thing to read like yaoi or some thing like that and i found this it sound so cool plus i love x reader storys
i love gaster so much he's my favorite character from undertale c8
Why are you sorry for your english ? I'm not even english myself, don't worry, and if there's mistakes, well, we'll tell you, Author - San !