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Puns ( Sans x reader )

Puns ( Sans x reader )

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☆ By mettatonneo Completed

Warning! There is a chance that there will be spoilers for the pacifist run of undertale. I recommend finishing that before reading this. There won't be any spoilers for the no mercy run, so don't worry about that! Also, don't worry about anything NSFW/lemon if that's not what you're into-there won't be any of that here. 

You're a human that's fallen down into the underground. You've decided that you'll stay instead of going home after fighting Asgore and sparing him. 
Now, you had made some great friendships while in the underground-but one of those friends in particular was one you'd like to be a little more than friends with...

Aaaa an X reader fic! I haven't done one of these before, but I hope you still like it!

XxWolfieWolfxX XxWolfieWolfxX Oct 31, 2017
.....He just called us bro... BRO... Why... Im slowly dying inside now.
Freeda_Official Freeda_Official Dec 02, 2017
guys halp meh I'm on my bf's account and I just found did in his library. now I'm scared that he may cheat on me with da skeleton.....WTF IM THE ONE WHO INTRODUCED HIM TO THIS FANDOM......
LunaIzzHatter LunaIzzHatter Oct 20, 2017
Hahaha saaame. Except for the fact that I just ate and I really don't think my stomach can handle anymore food for the night, soooo........
lemonbkz lemonbkz Oct 28, 2017
I started reading this thinking it was just a bunch of puns. Now there's a bunch of weird undertale stuff in my recommended. Oops.
Goldwither Goldwither Dec 21, 2017
D'aww!!! Why does he have to make me like this . . .?! XD His adorable puns and the ever present smile . . . ugh, here I go again fangirling . . . BUT THAT'S OK!!! X3
TinyUnicorn1234 TinyUnicorn1234 Nov 06, 2017
This is retarded theres not even that much puns in this book. I mean why even name the book puns