Undertale {Sans X Reader}

Undertale {Sans X Reader}

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{Please remember, this is my first Undertale fanfiction. I was still new to the game and fandom itself, so I didn't have all the lines from the characters memorized by heart just yet. I'm not going back to change anything, because I don't think it'll be the same if I change it. Thanks for understanding and please enjoy the story!!!}

Y/n decided to take a dare her dumb friend Carla (sorry if that's your name) told her to do.

Y/n was dared to climb up Mt Ebott and back down in at least 1 day.

The problem was that anyone who went up Mt Ebott, never came back.

Will y/n try and complete this stupid bet, or stay and make new friends in this mysterious new place?

Kathariter Kathariter Oct 30
                              *Chara pops up*
                              Chara: You called?
                              . . .
I'm a very stubborn person. If Carla did this to me I'd scream at her and most likely  dump her as a friend. Of course, since Sans  is bæ, I honestly couldn't care less 😅 
                              And now
Awww thx Frisk *Hugs*Ill miss ya' (I actually cried for three hours once because my friend moved XD I used to be a HUGE crybaby XD)
*everyone else is mad*
                              Me: thank you for getting me closer to having my love .3.
PhoneGuy_XP PhoneGuy_XP Oct 06
Wayver: c considering I I'm a a r robot t this s shirt I isn't comfortable
If Sans were here:
                              D O  Y O U  W A N T  T O  H A V E  A  B A D T I M E?!!