Girl Crush

Girl Crush

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Once upon a time, there was a girl. That girl was me. This girl knew that she was asexual, but she was pretty sure that she was heteroromantic because she had had a few low-key crushes on guys before. 

Then she saw a really cute girl, and then, well... everything became complicated. This is the story of those complications.


When I was fourteen years old, I saw something so beautiful that my life would never be the same. I saw something so bright and so wonderful that it outshone the sun, the moon, and all the stars combined. I saw a girl- no, I saw the girl.

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GeekCharming17 GeekCharming17 May 31, 2016
Really interesting story. Google is always a b!tch to define stuff.
heyitsjustdylan heyitsjustdylan Jun 16, 2016
How many definitions omah god, thats so hilarious as well; its interesting 2
augtwy augtwy Jun 25, 2016
Here, and in all paragraphs, it might make your story smoother if you don't hit enter before your sentences. Again, I told you I'm being nit-picky, and it's your story so it's up to you.
augtwy augtwy Jun 25, 2016
I liked all these definitions, LOL. I think you should edit this for grammar but I didn't see anything big... other than that, I liked how you basically just indirectly said "Nah, this is MY definition!" at the end.
- - Jun 25, 2016
                              "Straight People don't spend as much time in the queer corners of the internet"
                              *90% sure I'm straight*
                              *roleplays, reads, and loves yaoi*
AraRose919 AraRose919 Jul 12, 2016
I feel like this book will have a lot of effort put into it. I love being able to read good ace/aro books. Most don't have any reality in it. I'm glad that this book will. I also like that you put in multiple definitions.