Currently salty about/at:
-the reason Twitter should never have expanded its character limit bc I don't want to find out there's a nuclear war via tweet
-people who think I'm straight bc no. just no.
-homophobes in general bc ew
-myself for trying to get a 5.0 gpa even though that's not physically possible (this is a metaphor for the impossible expectations I place on myself)
-my teachers who give way too much homework and are the reason I almost never update
-writer's block, which is the other reason I never update

If you wanna talk, pm me and I'll probably be here because I spend too much time online :/. Oh, and also because I care. That too.

Cis girl, she/her or they/them pronouns please

Sexual orientation: ace??

Romantic orientation: bi/biromantic/bisexual (depending on who I'm talking to lol) and also gay/queer as an umbrella term

If you poke around my works a bit you will see that I never shut up about my romantic/sexual orientations. Speaking of my works, have I mentioned that I'm actually kind of proud of Essays of a Special Snowflake and you should totally check it out?

I've been trying to get better at making covers so if you need a cover pm me and I'll see what I can do (number of people who have actually done this: 1, I know, I'm so proud)

Also I really like editing other people's stuff so if you have something you want me to edit then pm me and we can arrange payment and stuff (number of people who have actually done this: 1)

I love talking about my sexual/romantic orientation so if you have a question, or you just want someone to talk to, hmu!

I take reading requests for completed stories but I don't make promises about liking them or finishing them

Aprendo español en la escuela pero no lo hablo, leo, escribo, o entiendo muy bien. Porque quiero mejorar leo algunas cosas en español.
¡Si sabes español muy bien, háblame! (si quieres)
  • I would be in Canada for obvious reasons except my parents will never take me because mY MOTHER VOTED FOR THAT MAN
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