Dangan  Ronpa Minecraft

Dangan Ronpa Minecraft

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Who Lik Minecraf!? By xOwlfeatherx Updated Jul 08

16 youtubers enter the newest and most anticipated map on the server, but little do they know, this is no ordinary map...

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Me: "Excellent! Have a des-BEAR-ful day, everyone. Toodles!" *walks out of room*
                              "... Did she just— did she just make a fcking PUN!?"
                              (Confusion level: 9001)
Hopliln Hopliln May 05
Why does the name of this school remind me of Carflo's Terror of Herobrine series?
*runs out the door* oh. It's locked. *stabs EnderMono* ok bye
Hopliln Hopliln May 05
My thoughts have been confirmed some of this we're ideas from Carflo's Terror of Herobrine series.
Monokuma went into minecraft and had an Identity crisis because they dont have midget bears