The Beauty & The Boys (Editing)

The Beauty & The Boys (Editing)

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k By xxjustarandomgirl__ Completed

What happens when a naive girl, Katherine, is put into every single class with the five most hottest and famous guys? Mostly chaos and dramas. But what if she falls in love? Can Katherine survive her senior year and all the obstacles ahead? Yet still keep up her good image? 


Praises for TB&TB:

This book is so great and so interesting. There are so many plot twists and I really, truly love this book, it is different from [the] others.
- 50ShadesofBoyxBoy

Madly in love with your story! Guys, you will actually fall in love with this book. I highly recommend reading it. So many [plot] twists and different emotions!
- payseethereader

In love with all the characters [and] the story, it is such an emotional rollercoaster ride. This book is fast moving and well written, impressive first book of [yours].
- immarleigh

I love the story idea, good twists.
- Tumblrcactus

I am getting addicted to this. My love for this story is endless! 
- lizhern0

Your writing is goals. 
- pheackle 


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Lost_Kookie Lost_Kookie Jun 12, 2017
I counted if the 'G' has the same number of times used in each word--
-fxoxixa- -fxoxixa- Sep 06, 2017
Why is everyone happy going to college. Isn't it that you have to learn more? I don't live in America... so I really don't know😂
Username944 Username944 Jun 30, 2017
I'm shook. I'm Shleep. I just.. I... I gotta go man. I just can't right now.
QueenOfSkies QueenOfSkies May 28, 2017
That mask... Seems terrifying to wake up to 😯😯😂😂
alienobsessedgirl alienobsessedgirl Feb 16, 2017
wow my mum would probably ban from having whip cream if she saw me do that lol
DisIsLife1011 DisIsLife1011 Oct 13, 2016
I was wondering if you minded if I used your book and reviewed it for my book. You can go check it out. I'm totally chill with you not being comfortable with that. Thanks in advance.