Good Girls Love Bad Boys

Good Girls Love Bad Boys

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Casey By kc_pascoe Completed

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One mistake and he is forced to spend one hour a day with her. Ugh. One mistake and she has to endure his stupidity for an hour a day. Ugh.  

But can one drunken night really change everything?      

No? We'll See ;)

*  *  *      

Good Girls love Bad boys, enough said. But don't be fooled by this totally cliche cover and title, because more happens to these high school students than first thought. 

Enjoy a comedy, drama, action, romance, teen flick, etc..etc...


Warning - based on similar life scenarios and deals with issues such as domestic abuse, drugs, anorexia, gang violence and underage drinking.

For privacy reason this book is complete creative writing and anything that is similar in this story is purely coincidental. 


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xDarhlingx xDarhlingx Oct 04, 2017
If you tried that with some of the Scots you would get more than that
sassyfriends122 sassyfriends122 Jun 24, 2017
Thats true well im not a nerd im a girl who dress like ugly blue pants and yellow little stain in the shirt  and a ugly   pink sandle and ugly messy bow and i am not a straight a student i m c student or a b or a D or a F and  i like to read but i failed English  like how
That's my name😂 never heard of it being used as a boys name before though
lilacpower12 lilacpower12 Aug 19, 2017
I was bout to say sum but I shouldn't... I can't say it... oml
krupa5720 krupa5720 Jul 05, 2017
yea both my parents would've been so mad, probably would've yelled at me instead about why i didn't beat up that guy even more or how to perfect my punch and make it more effective... lololol!!!!!!!!!
kaybeauty1 kaybeauty1 Jul 28, 2017
If you tried that with a Jamaican girl you would've ended up much worse