[Completed] {Book 1} Previously known as The Bad Boy Saved me From Hell
  Her life is a living hell. There's no doubt in that. People think her life's rainbows and unicorns, but in reality it's hell. One secret you have to keep away from everyone, not so difficult because you have no friends, but what happens when you bump into the biggest bad boys of the school. She hides all her problems with smiles and laughs, with only one friend to worry about. She's isn't shy,quiet, or weak. She's the quite the opposite, loud, funny, strong, and independent. She stands up for herself at school, but never at home. 
  When people see him they run, when they hear his name they shiver, but what happens when he bumps in Miss Sarcasm. She's a whole different kind of story, she helps him open his eyes again. Everyday he finds himself falling for her. But when things don't turn out like he expects will he fight for her or give up? 
  Read go find out what Nichole and Ryder are up to.
  *Not edited*
  *Various mistakes*
  *A little cliché*
  *Do NOT copy*

  • badboy
  • death
  • drama
  • humor
  • love
  • mature
  • teenfiction

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