behind the scenes [completed]

behind the scenes [completed]

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Carter Young is an outgoing, all around friendly guy. 
Lacey Green is the opposite. Yes, she's friendly and can be outgoing, but not like Carter.

The two are an inseparable team, with each other at school and even running a channel on a famous website called YouTube together. Even though they aren't very famous- only having about 5,000 followers- Carter embraces it. He loves being in front of the camera, recording every second of his life. 

Lacey isn't in a single one of his videos. She likes to be behind the camera, behind the scenes. She is the one who works the camera and edits videos. Lacey would rather not be in front of the camera, rather behind it.

But when Carter finally "convinces" Lacey to be in one of his videos, one thing leads to another and the channel starts taking off. Once Lacey starts appearing more frequently in his videos, their followers start "shipping" them. Of course, they just ignore it. They don't feel anything toward each other nor do they think they ever will. But, what about the what ifs?

"It's just a camera. It won't bite"

Cover made by @cliffordlosertrash
Started: February 2016
Ended: December 2016