You Are My Play Thing

You Are My Play Thing

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Kris By XxBabyCakesxX Updated Jul 18, 2015

"You listen here, human. No one disrespects me. I am going to make you pay, you dirty creature!" He barked in my face, his eyes turning a shade that I had never witnessed before.

Suddenly my back was slammed against a hard brick wall, making me take in a sharp breath. He wrapped one arm around my waist and left his other arm standing by his side. He bent his head down, while I was waiting in agony as to what would happen to me. I felt a pair of lips press against my neck, making shivers run down my spine. I then felt his hot tongue on my neck, slowly licking up then back down to the centre. 

Two sharp canines grazed my skin, making me wince slightly. In less then a second those two canines pierced my skin  making me cry out in pain.

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clarissastone clarissastone Nov 02, 2016
I love it so much! It totally makes a great imagination...I love it💟
😂😂is it weird that I'm laughing at the irony here? U know vampire - I don't bite - vampires bit people to su- nevermind
I obviously flipping do cuz I don't know who the flip you are
lonewolf7215 lonewolf7215 Jul 15, 2016
This is why you keep others to a strictly professional relationship.
snaaarh4 snaaarh4 Jan 25
U sure about that? Coz I could easily go back a couple of pages and prove you do!!! YA NASTY LIAR!!!
Are you crazy old man? She has been kidnapped. Drop the formality