I see you #wattys2017

I see you #wattys2017

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Alpha danni By white-wolf-girl Completed

Our lips were inches apart, so so close. 

'Just a little closer' I thought but to my dismay he pulled away and with he's hands pulling roughly at he's hair, he began to pace. 

"O-Oscar?" I whispered, I moved closer so my hand gently touched he's back but he moved away quickly and looked at me. 

"You shouldn't be like this!!! It shouldn't be like this! No ones ever felt anything but fear for me!" He screamed 

"I-" I was cut off by him pushing me into a way. "Do you fear me? Are you afraid?" He said coldly, bitterly and emotionless.  

But I just shook my head "no" I whispered, with that said he froze. 

"Why?! Why aren't you scared of me" and then I answered him with so much honesty. I looked straight in he's eyes and said. 

"Because monsters don't fear other monsters"
We've all heard off our favourite tails, red riding hood...beauty and the beast. 

Here comes a very unseen story where both blend into one, follow us on our story to.....

Find out, read it..RED

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chector53 chector53 Dec 31, 2017
she has NEVER bathed, Wow 17 years old, what about ministrual; probably does not have under weight.
chector53 chector53 Dec 31, 2017
Those were rogues looking for girls to kidnap and enslave wow.
AA-uk955 AA-uk955 May 22, 2016
Well if you dislike yourself that's not my problem that's yours
dramacat96 dramacat96 Sep 19, 2015
I love this chapter and omg u choosed Ian to be Oscar ahh I love Ian