Save Me (A Gerard Way Fanfiction)

Save Me (A Gerard Way Fanfiction)

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Cara By cara_killjoy Updated Mar 22, 2015

I ran down the dark alleyway, trying to avoid my psychotic father. My bare feet being cut up by glass and plastic on the dirty New Jersey streets. The cold wind and rain was seeping through my pajamas and my bangs clung to my face. I heard my father's drunken shouts from behind me

"Brynn, sweetheart! Come to daddy!" I could hear him gaining on me, and ignoring the pain in my feet I started to sprint down the alleyway, tears streaming down my cheeks along with my own blood that was coming out of the gash on my forehead that my father had given me. I dodged behind a dumpster at the last minute just before a large brick wall that would've enclosed me with him. 

"Here Bry Bry, come home sweetheart!" My father slurred. I held my breath in an attempt to try and not make any noise, and after about 10 minutes I heard him shuffle away, finally giving up on me.

That was when I allowed myself to cry.

The sobs racked my body as I thought about the events of that night.



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siriuslygeeky siriuslygeeky Dec 09, 2017
... is no one gonna talk about the fact that she held her breath for 10 minutes
heh_okay_bye heh_okay_bye Jun 06, 2016
 #favorite band
                              i went to their show one month ago! i love them so much
lavalampsrcoolbro lavalampsrcoolbro Jan 07, 2017
Iron maiden was the first good band I got into and it is really funny because that is gee's favorite metal band
madelyn042204 madelyn042204 Apr 19, 2016
You know what's awesome my dad listens to punk so when going to soccer practice he blasts iron maiden with the windows down soooo he's awesome (I actually hate soccer but my mom wants me to go outside)
heh_okay_bye heh_okay_bye Jun 06, 2016
i got like 5 t-shirts of them xD the trooper, the book of souls, etc...
Ms_Keisha_ Ms_Keisha_ Oct 11, 2016
We haven't talked in quite some time... I know I haven't been the best... OF SONS