Annoying the Alpha King

Annoying the Alpha King

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The King headed a powerful Monarchy in the secret werewolf world, and there was one certain she-wolf who was making his life difficult.  Every time he turned around 'she' was there taunting him in public, challenging not only his authority- but his patience and control as well.

And then she would annoyingly disappear after revealing yet another closely guarded secret, and his best tracking teams were made to look like fools.  Time and time again.

Which made the King furious, but it seemed to make his wolf want her- as his mate.  And the Royal Alpha Wolf loved the hunt, smiled at the challenge, and was excited by this unique she-wolf. 

And the Royal Alpha Wolf wanted only 'her'.

**Amazing Cover by Onesee, my eternal thanks!

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♛ Warning: this story is for mature readers only.  Chapters contain adult language, sex scenes, and adult themes.

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lillilowen lillilowen Oct 11, 2017
Sounds like something I would do frankly she sounds exactly like me
Midnightfury Midnightfury Oct 05, 2017
Can I say I adore the fact that this story is written from the male pov (at least here at the beginning)  🤗
MaymunaMohamed0 MaymunaMohamed0 Oct 09, 2017
Well at least you admit it, now mister Alpha King we are at my therapy room because your friend said you were in denial if your feelings and how much of a perv you are and it took you a long time to admit *lifts up glasses to the bridge of the nose* now what caused you to be so damaged
bessie1913 bessie1913 Dec 31, 2017
As the saying goes, with a friend like that, Kevin doesn't need enemies.
Lamppostasf Lamppostasf Jun 22, 2016
hey just wanted to say that i thought that both songs matched the chapter really well in some type of way. Good job. i would say cant wait for the next chapter but its already published so yeahhhhhhh