The Doctor and The Alpha

The Doctor and The Alpha

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Honesty-Life-Love By Peace_Love_Passion Completed

Meet innocent Grace, a 19 year old genius who is now a doctor with the help of Mason, her mate. She is human and he is not, but she does not know it yet. Mason is a 20 year old Alpha of the largest and most dangerous pack in the world, but he has a special soft spot for Grace. He will do anything and everything to love and protect her, but will he just bring more danger to her? See the journey of two childhood friends as Grace finds out the truth of her best friend.

*Warning as story goes on the more mature it gets, don't say you have not been warned

~This is my book. My fantasy. My thoughts. My writing. My Ideas. You No Takey. It is all mine.


  • adventure
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  • dominance
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MariaK49 MariaK49 Apr 12
Seriously author this girl is me through and through. Did you base her character on someone you know personally?
lulu108365 lulu108365 Apr 21
The character is kinda me when people first meet me they think I’m this horrible egotistical person but when they get to know me they always say I never knew you could be the kindest person I know so it’s kinda me
Beytisse Beytisse Dec 29, 2017
She graduated really takes 5 years to study for me school plus the other levels before you specialise.  She must be a genius indeed.
lulu108365 lulu108365 Apr 21
Not me cause I can’t cook to save my life unless it’s ramen noodles or brownies
MariaK49 MariaK49 Apr 12
Till this point this girl is literally me from the disease(except that I have migraines and many other problems) to the phobia to talking to my self. And I am doctor too.
MariaK49 MariaK49 Apr 12
The only difference is that I don't have a mason in my life.