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Try (-modern- Levi x punk! reader)

Try (-modern- Levi x punk! reader)

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Alexis By Stuck_in_Lexxus Updated Jan 20

When two rich businessmen meet, they decide to put their partnership in stone.
But instead of signing a business contract....

Their children have to sign a marriage contract.

Genesiefullbuster Genesiefullbuster Dec 07, 2016
I can see myself going next door, smiling like Makoto (FREE!) waving politely, saying " HI!!! So sorry for scarin' ya'!!! You see, mah silly wittle parents decided to, oh, ya' know, make an arranged marriage for me!!!" And the couples just like " DAFU*!!!!!"
                              ( i dont swear )
Musical_world02 Musical_world02 Aug 28, 2016
Wait is this in Washington state or Washington DC because..... I used to live about 30 minutes away from Washington DC.
Genesiefullbuster Genesiefullbuster Dec 07, 2016
Why not blue ombré-ing into purple??? HMMMMMM!!!!! Pink=Satan. XD
                              PLZ DONT TAKE THIS THE WRONG WAY!!!!
NerdyKawaiiPotato NerdyKawaiiPotato Aug 20, 2016
I threw my phone I would be like MUM NUUUUUUUU why you have to ruin my life?
ll-SpookySuiki-ll ll-SpookySuiki-ll Jul 15, 2016
I live in washington and I am getting blue hair.... this is ME....
LeviXrose LeviXrose Nov 08, 2016
I like how real the character is, it actually feels like I'm my own person that is strong and content with what I got. Good job author.