You're Different (Levi X Reader) Fanfic

You're Different (Levi X Reader) Fanfic

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This is a Levi x Reader. Yes there will be Lemon <3 

Story Intro in the story.


Disclaimer: I do not any of the AOT characters!!!!!! 

I only own mine! 


*Warning: There is cursing!!!!*

My actual eye color is dark brown but for book me it will be Galaxy
I'm about to cry... He is such a cinnamon roll..... like Marco...
                              me: wait...I AM A GUY?!YUS YAOI!!!
                              *reads again*
                              me:oh wait's describing the sun ... damn i still have a vaginā...
I see description 'lemon included' me: wow I didn't know Levi liked lemons.. dirty minded me:when there's a Levi x reader there gotta be a lemon
lovedisshit lovedisshit 7 days ago
I didn't get why this had so many comments until I read 'horse' aka Jean
I read it wrong. I understand the horse said "Hello, (F/N)". And I was like "wth?!"