Calling For Summer [GirlxGirl]

Calling For Summer [GirlxGirl]

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"Keep love in your heart.  A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead." - Oscar Wilde

       "Winter Alexander. Blonde hair, blue eyes, suspiciously extroverted, and somehow friends with everyone. It was in my very nature to despise her with all I had in me. I didn't dislike her because I was jealous. That's not even close. The main reason I hated her was because of the undeniable fakeness her persona projects. I mean, there's no way she's actually friends with nearly the entire school. I would go insane if I had that many friends, and so would any normal human being. Also, her near-white blonde hair cannot be natural. Not to mention her eyes. They're so bright and blue that they rivaled Nash Grier's. Those had to be contacts (along with the previously mentioned trash can's, but that's beside the point)."


Winter Alexander, a friend to everyone, is head over heels for Jade Summers, a bitch to everyone (there's no point in lying). Luckily Winter likes the challenge, and she has ever since freshman year. With a life that only spirals downward, a question is posed: Will Jade open up?

[Co-writing with my friend Dani]

Meeeeeeee I'm mixed with Puerto Rican and white and I hate when people call me a white girl
narrysbish narrysbish May 27
*looks down at the tøp shirt im wearing*
                              *glances at the tøp merch i have in my room*
                              Who the fuckk is  21 aircrafts?
No im not blushing.
                              I'm just exploding from anger cause you won't shut up.
Wattmem Wattmem Jan 15
ME: "OMG IT'S THE SPAWN OF THE DEVIL!!!"*hides under blankets* 
Wattmem Wattmem Jan 15
Me when I--
                              You know that feeling when...
                              You don't wanna talk to people but have to be polite to them
                              Yea that's what I always feel so I say that.
You literally like her but just don't want to admit it so you act like you hate her. Honestly me tho