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An Accident, A Decision, and Destiny (Revised) by sabrynabrooklynne
An Accident, A Decision, and Sabryna
Young Carl sustains a terrible accident as a child. A life altering accident that will change the trajectory of his adult life. There are several directions his future c...
torn hose: a mother's story  by sabrynabrooklynne
torn hose: a mother's story by Sabryna
Hi, my name is Lori, and I'm a thirty-six-year-old mother of two teenagers. I was married when they were both born, but unfortunately, ours has been a one parent househ...
Daughter For A Day  by sabrynabrooklynne
Daughter For A Day by Sabryna
Leonard announces his intention to go to a costume party dressed as a girl and turns to his Mother for help. This was something she never imagined happening to her. Thi...
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My Foster Mom Wants A Daughter -  Book 1 Of A Series by sabrynabrooklynne
My Foster Mom Wants A Sabryna
Book One of a series - Orphaned on his 14th birthday, Angelo is a shy, sensitive boy who is teased and abused in the household of his aunt because of his lack of strong...
GIFTED EYES (book two) by elisbrainstorming
GIFTED EYES (book two)by elisbrainstorming
Within the Snow-Globe lies the last remnants of humanity. Sheltered from the contamination that engulfed the world after the World War III nuclear devastation. This tale...
Lies, Deceptions, And Misunderstandings by sabrynabrooklynne
Lies, Deceptions, And Sabryna
Taylor and his adult older brother Craig, have lost both their parents at the hands of a drunk driver. Things aren't so wonderful between them because Taylor has issues...
Calling For Summer [GirlxGirl] by amorousaffections
Calling For Summer [GirlxGirl]by luna ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*
"Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead." - Oscar Wilde ///\\\ "Winter Alexander. Blonde h...
Trans Guy Things by TheKingOfLosers
Trans Guy Thingsby Valen
My experience of being a trans guy *Contains swearing*
Life 2.0: mostly sweet short M2F TG stories by sabrynabrooklynne
Life 2.0: mostly sweet short M2F Sabryna
The 30+ stories in this collection are short mostly sweet vignettes with a transgender theme. While most are happy stories you can read in one sitting, there are severa...
My Foster Mom Wanted A Daughter -  Book 2 Of A Series by sabrynabrooklynne
My Foster Mom Wanted A Sabryna
Book two of a series- Orphaned three weeks before his thirteenth birthday, Angelo is a delicate boy, and after a miserable year living with his aunt and her family, he i...
Plot Twist by avocadorable143
Plot Twistby silent cry
Stray Kids are eight individuals who are all famous for various reasons online. They reveal their friendship after several years, shocking the internet. Chaos, love, and...
For My Deserving Mom by sabrynabrooklynne
For My Deserving Momby Sabryna
Samuel Braxton has struggled with his identity for a while.. Fiinally with the help of a friend he decides to give his Mother the gift she's always wanted, A daughter. *...
The Street Festival: How A Wallflower Became The Hero  by sabrynabrooklynne
The Street Festival: How A Sabryna
Marty, is a quiet, shy kid, a loner with no close friends. He's always felt like an odd, uncomfortable, awkward person with zero social skills. With no positive male ro...
Jessica by YoElMediocRey
Jessicaby Nobody
Imagine waking up one day and you don't recognise your body anymore. Your memories are still there but it's like mind and matter don't belong. Then time passes and you s...
The Fashion Towne Chronicles by sabrynabrooklynne
The Fashion Towne Chroniclesby Sabryna
This collection contains several loosely connected stories that all involve the Fashion Towne Mall and the T.oday's G.irl Dress Shop in some way. If you've read any of...
Life 2.0.  Vol II: Another Collection Of Mostly Short Sweet Stories by sabrynabrooklynne
Life 2.0. Vol II: Another Sabryna
The stories in this collection are short mostly sweet vignettes with a transgender theme. Just like Vol I, they are all one offs, meaning what you see is what you get a...
Rose Dursley: The Girl Who Lived by ems-kitty-xx
Rose Dursley: The Girl Who Livedby ems-kitty
Harry Potter, the boy who lived. The most famous boy in the wizarding world has to be hidden. After his parents are killed, Dumbledore has to make sure Harry is never fo...
My Diary by FishGoBloop
My Diaryby WAP
Like it says in the title, it's a diary. But people can read it. I thought this would be a funny idea and make my future self question my stupid entries. Despite being...
A boy girl love by phoenixflame1
A boy girl loveby phoenixflame1
Elliot King believes she is a boy born into a girl's body. Unfortunately, the only one who truly believed her has passed away and she believes she is alone in her fight...
The Guide To Being Transgender by notatigerchild
The Guide To Being Transgenderby Tiger Child
Here's a list of tips and notes that can help you ease dysphoria when you're transgender. These tips can work for both out of the closet and in the closet people. Enjoy:...