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My Brother's Girlfriend by Kasichapman
My Brother's Girlfriendby Kasi
"I'd like to propose a toast," I raised my glass and looked around the room at the various expressions staring back up at me, "I'd also like to take this...
  • accidentallove
  • forbiddenlove
  • falling
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Accidentally In Love | Guo Junchen (✔️) by dicktvted
Accidentally In Love | Guo ♡
"I fell 𝒶𝒸𝒸𝒾𝒹𝑒𝓃𝓉𝒶𝓁𝓁𝓎 𝒾𝓃 𝓁𝑜𝓋𝑒."
  • junchen
  • martian
  • korean
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phoneo and juliet [ a dialogue story ] by callmegauche
phoneo and juliet [ a dialogue pooj
"This is Julio's pizzeria, what would you like to order?" "Hi, could I have a large pepperoni pizza with a double chocolate mocha delivered to 76 Maple Av...
  • phonecall
  • humor
  • phonelove
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beautiful sentiment || lisoo by wait-4-it
beautiful sentiment || lisooby s i n g u l a r i t y
fanservice gone terribly right in lisa's eyes, but jisoo thinks otherwise. Highest ranking(s): #1 in "accidentallyinlove", #1 in "jisa" Started: Feb...
  • jisa
  • rose
  • jenkai
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Alive by blair_witch669
Aliveby Charlie Winters
a girl is forced to survive by herself after a sickness breaks out causing people to die and cmeback attacking those who did not get infected
  • survival
  • thriller
  • romance
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His Stubborn Beauty (Sequel#1 To UFW) by GlamoursMe
His Stubborn Beauty (Sequel#1 To ☆т u в а☆
(UFW sequel#1) (Unwanted series#2) Sania, a girl who hated men, a girl who lived in village, a girl who was abused by her father, a girl who was very stubborn, a girl wh...
  • husband
  • villagelaws
  • spiritual
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"NIGHT PARTY" ~ jimin_imagines by Yhen-Chie
"NIGHT PARTY" ~ jimin_imaginesby Yheniebels
Naniniwala kaba sa love at first sight? pano kung ang pagmamahal na yon ang sisira sa mundo mo? pano kung nakilala mo lang ng hindi inaasahan ang magiging delubyo sa pag...
  • story
  • funny
  • accidentallove
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Happenstance by st_rhapsody
Happenstanceby St. Rhapsody
It may be coincidence. It may be fate. God knows it may had been just another random chance. But no two roads cross each other for no apparent reason. Lyndis and...
  • tragedy
  • laoreza
  • movingon
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accidentally in love | fangyang by trixiejimin
accidentally in love | fangyangby girl in luv
So I just finished watching a romantic-comedy chinese drama called "Accidentally in Love" and I'm here writing one-shots on my favourite couple/ship from the c...
  • fang
  • badboyxgoodgirl
  • shang
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Halo |D.Morgan| by -diegohargreeves
Halo |D.Morgan|by -diegohargreeves
Criminal Minds Season 3-??? Derek Morgan x OC
  • accidentallyinlove
  • penelopegarcia
  • criminalminds
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Accidentally In Love by caraaaaameeeeel
Accidentally In Loveby Jam
I fell in love with you. I don't know how, I don't know why. I just did.
  • nathanjimenez
  • accidentallyinlove
  • love
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Seatmate Inlove ♥ by jilree
Seatmate Inlove ♥by salonggadog
Si Fonzel ay isang babaeng graduating student. Tulad ng iba, nakaka-experience din sya ng mga mabilis na pagtibok ng puso. Pero ano kayang magiging reaction nya kung tu...
  • friendshipover
  • newfeelings
  • accidentallyinlove
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Otherwise Occupied by imagine-drakons
Otherwise Occupiedby petcr pqrker
"I don't understand- I loved him." "Sometimes the people we love most, hurt us most." Tom Holland x reader & Harry Holland x reader Fanfic
  • ynstories
  • photography
  • tomholland
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Accidental Love by SoundwaveWfC
Accidental Loveby Gambit
A sexy chuckle from a man came quietly from behind me and I tensed noticeably. "What are you doing back here? No one is aloud back here but WWE members." I wi...
  • accidentallove
  • wwe
  • sethrollins
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Shrek and Bellatrix by danger_fandoms
Shrek and Bellatrixby ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
A love story about a dashing young ogre, and the baddest witch in London. My goal is 1,000 reads because why not.
  • love
  • canon
  • cute
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Love You, Hater // BellaRoseSwift by BellaRoseSwift
Love You, Hater // BellaRoseSwiftby Daniela Saligumba
[[Highest Rank: #46 in #loveisblind, #103 in taglish]] Hate is the last word na gustong marinig o maranasan ni Sydney. Ever since in her life, she never tried getting bu...
  • taglish
  • taglishlovestory
  • sydän
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Tum - Tar (Love by chance) by Nituahmed3195
Tum - Tar (Love by chance)by Nituahmed3195
This is about Tar and Tum's relationship from Love By Chance series. (The characters are from "love by chance series. I took the pictures from goggle and Instagra...
  • lbc
  • titleearth
  • bl
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One Dare. (Dylan O'Brien Fanfic) ON HOLD by itslynn
One Dare. (Dylan O'Brien Fanfic) lynn
When 19 year old Rachel Collins and her 3 best friends play their annual game of truth or dare, and Rachel has to whisper seductive things into a strangers ear, she does...
  • -comedy
  • stilestalinski
  • sharman
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Filling The Blanks [Unedited] by -peacefulness-
Filling The Blanks [Unedited]by ͙ Namrah Zasha
Everyone has one blank in their lives for the emotion called "Love". Love.... Something which can happen to anyone, at any moment, at any place, with anyone...
  • friends
  • rishena
  • wattpadindia
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Hearthrob by Marcela4325
Hearthrobby Marcela
Shayla Costa has had her eyes set one thing, her career. She's all work, no play, maybe a little. She finally gets her big break after a tiny mishap. Her limits are test...
  • accidentallyinlove
  • marvel
  • sassiness
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