Falling for the De Vil || Carlos De Vil *DISCONTINUED*

Falling for the De Vil || Carlos De Vil *DISCONTINUED*

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Madi Maree By heyoitsnobody Updated Jul 08

People say that everyone is born with a good heart.  No one is born evil, no one is born good.

You just have to make that choice.


DISCLAIMER: I do not own any characters used, except for Ella.  Nor do I own any places, names, etc.  All Rights go to Disney Channel and the producers of the movie.

FandomGems FandomGems Jul 11
I love these comments because it means all of us were thinking the same thing
ELSA wtf man what happened to hating him did he teach you the song to 🤚🏾love is not an open door
QueenMimi96 QueenMimi96 Jun 26
*gasps so loud it's heard around the world* WHAT EVEN-?! WHAT?! WHAT?! Whoa...I didn't see that one coming AT ALL! But I love the twist ;)
QueenMimi96 QueenMimi96 Jun 25
Ohmigosh this is amazing! And it's such a unique way of writing a Carlos fanfic too. Like everyone always puts the main OC as the sister of Ben but this is SO MUCH BETTER THAN THOSE! :D
Oh my life what is going on I need cpr preferably from joey essex
                              SHE DID THE DO WITH HANS
                              HE FÜCKING TRIED TO KILL HER
                              O MY HADES WTF