Connected At The Dot [ot4]

Connected At The Dot [ot4]

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Luke is a senior homeschooled professional pro boxer. 

Calum. Michael. Ashton, are all juniors falling head over heels with the pro boxer.

Calum is bullied mute boy who just wants to feel loved by someone.

Ashton is a smarty pants who just wants to feel wanted by someone.

Michael is a punk drug boy who just wants to be cared for by someone.

And Luke... Might just be that someone.

Coer Creds- @luke-ashton

I'm telling Louis mister! For shame go sit in the corner and wait for my hedgehog to get here!
I've never read top michael omfg *breathes deeply* but as long as it's gay af and ashton bottoms..
All I could think of when I saw this was ED SHEERAN OANANSBS
Honestly, Michael doing drugs is hot as fück, and I enjoy it.
Well then, never mind Louis is no help, I'm ashamed in you boys you know better! Im gonna tell your mothers! Time out in separate corners!